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Friday, February 3, 2012

Tell me what you love

This is the question at the Prairie fairy's blog for her Valentine's candy... And now that the candy has finished, I decided to leave here this post. Hope you enjoy reading my "loves"... :)

My answer:
I love Jesus, my saviour! in first place
I love my family, my husband and daughter have won my heart :) (almost 18 year married)
I love my mom, my brother and his family, my in laws family (this is a huge ammount of people) and my relatives (another huge ammount of people)
I love my friends, they are the best in the world and I don´t trade them for anything, I can add more though!
I love life.
I love to craft.
I love to learn and love to teach.
I love chocolate, coffee, pizza and italian food in general, argentinian meat (the best in the whole world!).
I love flowers and sea shells, those beautiful things that make the life prettier!
... and many other things... but I think this is enough for now, right?

Have a great day, be creative!


  1. Thanks for the tip! Heading over to visit the fairy!

  2. Hola, gracias por visitarme y participar de mi candy ya estas anotadisima, mucha suerte!!

  3. beautiful stamps!!Hope you win!!

    Love from The Netherlands,


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